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Outstanding books, now available in English


Outstanding books, now available in English

In Japan, under the auspices of free speech and press, over 80,000 books are published every year, offering a diverse selection of literature to the nation’s readers.

In this great ocean of books, we believe there are many works that should be enjoyed by not only a Japanese audience, but by a wider global audience as well. However, many such books, due to the language barrier and the limited number of translations, remain, for the most part, unread overseas.

JAPAN LIBRARY is, by publishing specially selected Japanese works into English, here to introduce to the world “the diverse and multi-layered aspects of Japan and Japanese thought” and “the rich and colorful world of Japan.” With this knowledge from Japan, JAPAN LIBRARY hopes to contribute towards the creation of a universal, global knowledge. The books for JAPAN LIBRARY are hand-picked from a wide range of areas including politics, foreign policy, social studies, culture, philosophy, and science and technology. Furthermore, by offering these works in both traditional and electronic format, JAPAN LIBRARY hopes to present a view of the real and intrinsic Japan for the world to enjoy.

Japan possesses troves of timeless knowledge amassed across the ages—treasures that are distinctively Japanese that, nonetheless, transcend history and international borders. JAPAN LIBRARY is loading these treasures onto ships we call books and venturing forth into the open sea. The voyage of these books will cover great distances over time, and reach a countless number of readers across the globe. And once it does, the treasure on board will shine anew, as these readers polish them with their own, distinctive intellects and sensibilities. This new shine—this new radiance —will surely light the way to the world’s shared future.

With our faith firmly placed in the boundless power of the book, we will endeavor to fulfill JAPAN LIBRARY’s vision.